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Guild Lottery


Lottery Rules

1. Buy an item worth exactly 1000 NP from the Guild shop
2. Pick 3 numbers from 0-9 (Example: 2,6,5)
3. Make sure all the numbers are different (Not: 4,1,4)
4. Neomail fongwoo with your numbers
5. Every week I will look at the numbers and see if it matches mine
6. If there is no winners, the prize money will roll to the next week.
7. Note: I will not change the winning numbers until someone wins.
8. The prize money will start at 5000 NP.
9. The prize money goes up depending on participation.
10. For every item you buy, you can submit another set of numbers
11. The numbers can be in any order to win

The current jackpot is 6000




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