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Special TIMES:

Snowager Sleeping Times
6:00-7:00 AM(NST)
2:00-3:00 PM(NST)
10:00-11:00 PM(NST)

Coltzan's Shrine Special Times
Bottled Faeries: 1:30 AM(NST) and 2:20 AM(NST)
Speed: Every fifth second of the hour-0:00:05
Defense: Every tenth second of the hour-0:00:10
Strength: Every thirty minutes of the hour-0:30:00
Dubloons: 55 seconds past the minute-0:00:55
Endurance (Hit points) : Every other hour of the day
Level: Every other hour of the day
Burnt Food: 11:00 - 12:00 NST
+10 Level: Go to king coltzan at exactly 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 NST and you can gain ten levels at a time.
+10 Strength: Go to king coltzan at exactly every 30 minutes after the hour to gain ten strength points.
Not Anymore!Shrine gives out a MILLION NP at 11:00 PM(NST)(EXACT)

Give Away Times
Balthazar's Mega Faerie Giveaway Bonanza - 7 AM NST The Health Frog Giveaway - 7 AM NST Daily Muntando Fruit - Around 10:45 NST, Monday - AM or PM Chocolate Giveaway - 5:50 PM NST, Sunday

Employment Agency Times
0:00:00,0:10:00,0:20:00,0:30:00,0:40:00,0:50:00 past the neopets hour.

Half-Price Day
Every 3rd day of the month, the neopian shops sell their items at half off. This does not mean the shops in the shop wizard. Only official Neopian shops are discounted. It is harder to restock on this day however.

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Note: Check to see if you have done this every time you log on to Neopets.
1. Play
Tiki Tack Tombola (One Free Spin a day)
2. Play Neopian Fruit Machine (One Free Spin a day)
3. Take a bite out of the Giant Omelette (One Free Slice a day)
4. Go to Coltzan's Shrine (Once every 12 hours)
5. Steal from the Snowager (When it is sleeping, Read instructions carefully before playing)
6. Go to the Healing Springs (Heal your pets every 45-60 minutes)
7. Play Wheel of Excitement (It has worked out well for me. Once an hour)
8. Grab some Free Jelly (Once a day!)
9. Check the Scratchcard Kiosk (Sell for higher. Once every six hours.)
10. Try to find a Buried Treasure (Once every two hours).

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This is a waste of time. Do not do the Brain Tree's Quest. You have to feed the Esophagor twice to complete the Brain Tree's Quest. You might get screwed for the Esophagor's second feeding. Take my advice, do not take the Brain Tree's Quest. The answers are randomized so there are no right "answer list"

Do the Witch's Quest. You will usually get around 50 NP and an item worth between 1000-2000 NP. I have seen items worth as much as 25000 NP given out and sometimes items worth 100 NP. Use your judgment; only do her quests if all the items she asks for put together are less than 1500 NP.

Faerie Quests:

Faerie Quests are now given randomly.

Faerie Queen
Item: Anything, usually expensive
Prize: Raises all stats
Space Faerie
Item: Space Weaponry
Prize: +4 levels
Light Faerie
Item: Trading Card
Prize: Raises Level
Water Faerie
Item: Book
Prize: Raises Defence
Fire Faerie
Item: Clothes
Prize: Raises Strength
Dark Faerie
Item: Toy
Prize: Raises Endurance(Hit Points)
Air Faerie
Item: Beauty
Prize: Raises Speed(Movement)
Earth Faerie
Item: Magic
Prize: Restores Hit Points and makes pet Bloated

Always be on the lookout for cheap items. Here's the real tip, look for items where the Min Increment is high compared to the price of the item. Then bid so that your price is perfect and noone elese would bid. For example: Fire Faerie with a 2000 NP increment. If you bid 3000, nobody will bid 5000 on it.

Play Poogle Solitaire everyday. Now you have the answers, right?
Your pets intelligence could increase by playing Poogle solitaire a few times and you might win an item or two.

Playing featured games multiplies the amount of NP's you get by X2 or by X3. Play the games that you feel comfortable with. Games are for fun, right?

If any of your pets are hungry, neolodge them for a day. Use the cheapest hotel with no accessories.(5 NP a day) This way you do not need to feed your NeoPets. It is cheaper than feeding them. If you are really broke, go to the Soup Kitchen to feed your pets. Remember, if your pet gets bloated, he/she might get sick. The medicine to cure this is costly.(Read tips on Health)

Complete the Secret Laboratory Map Set and open the "Door" of the Lab.
However, you will lose all your map pieces and will receive no reward.

(1) It increases your chance for a "random event";
(2) If you're in a computer shop like the book store or food store, hitting refresh helps renew the page to display new items that might have just been restocked. 
(3) During your search in the shop wizard, hitting refresh helps produce a new set of price listing ... so there is a very good chance that you might get a lesser price for the item you are searching for.
(4) At the Money Tree, nothing is better than the refresh button to get new items.
(5) When you're on the treasure hunt quest, hitting refresh helps the next clue to pop up when it doesn't come up the first time around.
TIP: Pressing F5 is an easier way to refresh than clicking Ctrl-R or the Refresh button.

Poogle Solitaire Answers

If your pet needs healing try these:

1) Go to the Water Faerie at the HEALING SPRINGS in FaerieLand. She will bless your pet. If you get lucky, she'll randomly heal your pet of all disease! The Healing Springs renews itself every 45 - 60 minutes. REMEMBER TO HEAL EVERY HOUR IF YOU NEED
2) Give your pet a Yellow Healthshroom. The Yellow Healthshroom is the most powerful Healthshroom on the market! This one cures your pet of any disease also! It is kind of expensive, but if you get lucky, you might find one on sale!
3) There is a special trick that works on a Kyrii. First you feed your Kyrii an apple (or anything with apple in its name) and it'll get itchy scratchies, cure that with itchy scratchy cream and your Kyrii will be free of disease.

1)Check out all the Neopian Items -
2)If you need a NP lift, why not try the Scratch card Kiosk (600 NP per card)

Bottled Faeries
Paint Brushes
Cheap Food
Cheap Books
Battledome Items
Rare Maps(Secret Laboratory Maps)

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The Lab Ray: An Analysis
by guildcheat
Note: Originally written by nykkel but updated by guildcheat.
You may want to send your NeoPets out of the room while you read this... most of them are quite frightened by the subject I'll be discussing. 

Ready? Then I'll continue. With the rising price of Codestones, Dubloons, and Neggs these days, perhaps you've been looking for another way to improve your NeoPet's stats for the Battle dome. For those who aren't interested in the Battle dome, you may have several NeoPets you would like to paint Faerie, or Fire, or some other color that has unusually expensive Paint Brushes. 

You could wait for Codestones and Paint Brushes to fall into your lap via random events... but there is another way to raise your NeoPet's stats and get it painted in interesting colors, if you are willing to pay the price. You can use the Lab Ray. 

Most NeoPets think that the Lab Ray is a strange and frightening thing. However, it only frightens them because they (and their owners) do not understand it. This essay will show you what the Lab Ray can do to your NeoPets. Once YOU know how it operates, you can explain it to your NeoPets, and they will no longer be afraid of it. 

In order to use the Lab Ray, first you must collect all nine pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map. At the time of this writing, the cheapest piece of the map available on the Shop Wizard was 24,000 NP, so you should expect to pay over 200,000 NP for a complete map... perhaps even as much as 250,000 NP or more. This may seem like a lot of NP, but you can save a lot more than this by using the Lab Ray. 

Once you have the map, bring it to the
Treasure Maps game and turn in it. From that point on, you will be able to use the Lab Ray on one NeoPet per day.

The Lab Ray does a random thing each time you use it, but there are only a few things it can do. Some NeoPet owners keep logs of what the Lab Ray does to their NeoPets. Based on those logs, here is what you can expect the Ray to do to YOUR NeoPet. 

Updates: ****** I did Notice that the lab ray can do absolutely nothing sometime even though this only happened to me once. ******
****** This analysis is still in progress, so check back every week to see updated stats. ******

Caution: ****** Using the lab can cause your stats to be warped so that you might have to train your pets a few times to keep the stats close to even or your future training costs may be higher. ******

Number of Lab Ray "zaps" studied: 177
Updated on 07/09/2003

18.64%: Movement/Speed Change
16.95%: Level Change
16.38%: Endurance/HP Change
14.69%: Strength Change
11.30%: Color Change
10.17%: Defense Change
06.21%: Sex Change
05.08%: Species Change
00.56%: Nothing Happened
00.56%: Changed to Robot(Only through lab)
00.00%: Intelligence Change

Strength: +5 Total
-2 strength: 6(3.39%)
-3 strength: 6(3.39%)
+2 strength: 7(3.95%)
+3 strength: 7(3.95%)

Defence:+22 Total
-2 defence:3(1.69%)
-3 defence:1(0.56%)
+2 defence:11(6.21%)
+3 defence:3(1.69%)

Level:-8 Total
-2 Level:13(7.34%)
=1 Level:4(2.26%)
+2 Level:13(7.34%)

The Level=1 zap appears to only happen to pets below level 6. Don't know what it does (in place of that) to higher level pets. Would guess it becomes Level-2 so you have about the same chance to gain or lose levels. 

Endurance(HP):+94 Total
+2 HP:10(5.65%)
+3 HP:6(3.39%)
+4 HP:9(5.08%)
+5 HP:4(2.26%)

Movement(21.5%)+34 Total
-2 movement:4(2.26%)
-3 movement:5(2.82%)
-4 movement:1(0.56%)
+2 movement:9(5.08%)
+3 movement:13(7.34%)
+4 movement:1(0.56%)

Color Change(11.30%)
       Cloud: 4(2.26%)
      Yellow: 3(1.69%)
Halloween: 2(1.13%)
      Mutant: 2(1.13%)
     Striped: 2(1.13%)
      Robot: 1(0.56%)
 pineapple: 1(0.56%)
      Skunk: 1(0.56%)
Checkered: 1(0.56%)
      Starry: 1(0.56%)
    Shadow: 1(0.56%)
 Tyrannian: 1(0.56%)

Species Change(5.08%)
Quiggle: 1(0.56%)
    Lupe: 1(0.56%)
Flotsam: 1(0.56%)
 Poogle: 1(0.56%)
   Kiko : 1(0.56%)
  Lenny: 1(0.56%)
  Gelert: 1(0.56%)
    Chia: 1(0.56%)
 Zafara: 1(0.56%)

As you can see, the Lab Ray can raise your Hitpoints by up to 5 points per zap, your Movement by 4 points per zap, your Defence or Strength by 3 points, or your Level by 2 levels per zap. Think of how many Codestones or Dubloons that would cost! Of course, it can also lower your stats every zap, but this happens less frequently than it raises your stats, so you will come out ahead. Just make sure your NeoPet is at least level 6, so it is immune to the Level=1 zap. 

It can also change your NeoPet's sex, which is curable by a Strange Potion. Any particularly hideous Species Changes can be fixed with a Magical Plushie or a Morphing or Transmogrification Potion. However, it is best to tolerate these changes until you have decided to stop zapping that particular NeoPet, since the Lab Ray might decide to make the same change again the next day. 

If you are using the Lab Ray to prepare your NeoPet for the Battle dome, you will still need to use the Training School or The Academy to help make it strong faster. But, if you're just using it to make your NeoPets more attractive, you can zap them every day until you like the way they come out... and you're improving their stats for free while you do it! Some people enjoy temporarily adopting NeoPets from the NeoPound, zapping them a few times, and then returning them once they are "prettier" and more likely to find a loving owner. 

The process is a bit slow, but the map is a one-time cost that will allow you to zap your pets for free forever. What do you have to lose? Start zapping today!





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