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prize Draw


  • This Page contains the rulz and regulations For the Prize Draw.
The Prize Will be:
  • Instant Ancient Zoidian Status and
  • A Fire PaintBrush or
  • A Ghost PaintBrush or
  • An Invisible PaintBrush or
  • A Mutant PaintBrush or
  • all members who entered will win a runners up prize for taking part

The way this is Gonna work is:

  • The game Costs 500NP to enter
  • To pay the 500NP go to my shop and buy an item costing 500NP (usualy a pile of dung...)
  • I check my sales history every 10 minutes, and delete them every 20 minutes, so i wont miss you entery.
  • On the 30th september i will anounce the winner.
  • To enter more than once just trade more neopoints.

The rules are as follows:

  • You can only enter if you are a member, if you are not the entery will not be excepted
  • Enter as many times a you like
  • multiple accounts are allowed as im not the one who will be frozen in that case.
  • The winner will be posted on the guild.









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